How to Wine: Taste this… Again.

I made a joke a while back about how I never make my mind on anything ’til I’ve tasted it 3 times. Although I’d love to take credit for it, it actually came from an episode of That 70’s Show. The part was Fez explaining to Donna why he has to have sex with this girl 3 times, “Well because the first time I’ll be nervous and then the second time, I’ll have  to please her because I got nervous. Then the third time . . . the third time is when I get funky.” I thought it was hilarious so I started using the Three Times Theory for just about anything I could. How does this apply to wine, beer or spirits? I’m glad I pretended to ask you.

The First Time: You have some idea of what you want it to be.

The thing about wine is that every bottle we look at evokes some thought in your mind. Napa Valley on the label says it will have these characteristics or the label/name is really cool and you just want to like it. You will buy a bottle or order a glass of a new wine with an idea of what you want it to be and sometimes… be disappointed. Thats why we go for it a second time.

The Second Time: You’re comparing it to the first time.

The first time it was lackluster because the wine has a cool name and like a Tinder date, you decided what it should be before you actually knew what it was. Was that a random hook up because you were “Totes tips?” or you trying to make a sexy profile picture(or lets say… a cool wine label) something special you could take home to Mom and Dad? Take this time tasting to let the juice be what it is.

The Third Time: The verdict.

what if i told you

The third time you have officially made a decision on whether you like it or not. You can easily answer the question: Is this a good wine? As well as the hardest question ever posed to a new or even a seasoned wine drinker: What is it you do or don’t like about it?”

There’s nothing worse than having a wine once and loving it then, a couple weeks later, ordering it for a group of friends and it tasting like some busted grocery store crap you’re stuck paying restaurant prices for.

Take your time when you taste so that you can get everything you can out of the wine. The Three Times Theory can help guide you until you get the hang of it. After 6 years of tasting 50 or more wines a month, I still taste(seriously it just tasting… unless its really good)multiple times to get my opinion right. Bottom line is: Keep tasting.

If you have any questions about the Three Times Theory or have a wine question, please email me at


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