Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

There have been so many changes since my last blog post that I hardly know where to begin. That’s really the main reason I haven’t updated in a while. That, plus I under estimated the extra time I’d have left after a 10 month old goes to sleep for the night. So here’s a little recap:

I left my position as Beverage Director for Jason Brady Restaurant Group(JBRG) in Shreveport, Louisiana after almost 10 years with the company. I watched it grow from 2 bottle shops and a restaurant doing a little bit of catering to a full blown machine of multiple restaurants and a catering service that can get literally any job done and done correctly. I had so much fun doing working with everyone there. Of course there were hectic times, steady times, and times we were all just hanging on because we were so incredibly busy. I left because I got an incredible opportunity and just couldn’t pass it up. I wouldn’t have been ready for my new job if it weren’t for all the time I put in with JBRG, so I owe them and Jason Brady a massive thank you. I know they will continue to crush it without me there. They are like family and I wish them the absolute best moving forward. Here are a few pictures from some of my favorite times over the last 10 years:

The new, incredible opportunity came to me via Memphis, Tennessee with a great company. I took a position in restaurant sales with Athens Distributing where I’ll be selling wine and spirits to restaurants in the Memphis area. It’s a huge area, much bigger than Shreveport. I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me learning a new job but I’m still in a field that I love. Honestly, the biggest worry I have right now is figuring out the city and how to get to where I’m going. That will just take time. Like learning the new gig.

The toughest part of all this is that my wife Jess and our son Ward are both still in Shreveport. They’ll be here by the end of July though. It’s hard being a FaceTime dad when I’m naturally much more hands on. The night before my first day of work in Memphis was actually the first time I have ever been away from Ward over night since he was born. Needless to say, it’s hard but I see the light. I’m staying with family right now just outside of Memphis. They have been very accommodating and incredibly gracious to let me interrupt their lives. A debt is definitely owed.

I’m excited to learn the new job, get familiar with the city, and have my family here. All in time. I’ll get back to posting about wines, spirits, and even new restaurants soon. If you’ve got any suggestions, let me know at!


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