Abita Oktoberfest

Abita puts out some damn fine beer in Louisiana. Their flagship beers are great and their seasonal are pretty great too. I’m talking like you people in Louisiana have never had Abita beers… So let’s talk about the Oktoberfest.

Aroma: malty and toasted caramel

Color: copper/tea/amber

Flavor: Truly a German style. Very nicely malty with just a little spice to it. 24 IBUs so it’s not too bitter at all. Very easy drinking at 5.4% ABV.

Abita Oktoberfest is probably one of my favorite Oktoberfest seasonals. Maybe there is a bit of home court advantage there because I’m a Louisiana boy but whatever. This is probably one of the easiest to get ahold of since it’s running from now till November. It’s case stacked at pretty much every grocery store in Shreveport and on tap at a ton of your favorite beer drinking spots.


Horny Goat Brewing Oktoberfest

Horny Goat Brewing’s Oktoberfest ain’t bad. HGB is based out Milwaukee, Wisconsin. If you don’t like pumpkin flavored beers, you won’t like this one. It still brings standard Oktoberfest flavors of malt and caramel but a little pumpkin goes a long way.


Aromas: pumpkin spice and light hops

Color: light amber, caramel

Flavor: That pumpkin spice and hops comes through up front. 25 IBUs and light hops make this one not too bitter. At 5.6% alcohol it’s a super easy sipper. 

All in all, it’s a tasty brew with mild caramel and spice. It tastes more like a pumpkin beer than an Oktoberfest to me though. And that’s not a bad thing if you dig that style.

Oktoberfest is Upon Us

As much wine as I drink and talk about, I probably do the same for beer. Normally, you can find me savoring an ice cold Great Raft Southern Drawl or an Abita Andygator but not right now. It’s one of my favorite times of the year. The temperature is starting to drop from Hell to manageable and the word “Oktoberfest” starts popping up everywhere. Yep. Call me what you will but I love a good Oktoberfest brew.

The low down on Oktoberfest is that it started in Münich in 1810 and was a celebration of Crown Prince Ludwig’s wedding. It ran for 16 days up to and including the first Sunday in October(hence Oktoberfest starting in September). A special beer was made for the event and CP Ludwig and his bride invited all of the peasants to celebrate with them. After all was said and done, they thought, “That was a great party! Let’s do it again this year.” And the beloved worldwide beer drinking extravaganza was born.

Oktoberfest beers have a style to themselves. They usually have an amberish hue and a hint a caramel to taste. I always have an overwhelming sense of Fall while drinking them. To me, It kind of symbolizes the calm before the holiday storm that the retail/restaurant gig has from September to December. I adore them for that reason.

FYI: Zocolo Eatery is hosting an Oktoberfest celebration this year! Beers and beers on a September 27th. Make sure to put this t in your calendar.

Speaking of celebrating of one of my favorite drinking holidays, I’m going to review every Oktoberfest seasonal, I can get my hands on. I’ll start with the one that everyone loves, including myself. Samuel Adams Oktoberfest. It was the first Oktoberfest I ever had and knew nothing about it. I remember where I was and when I had it.

So here’s the beer:

 Aromas: salted caramel and lightly toasted walnuts

Color: deep amber, like bourbon

Taste: Not sweet but a savory caramel and malty grain. Big, rich flavor and a light finish. Super drinkable.

Look for more Oktoberfest Brew Reviews coming this month!