An Over Due Update

So here we are. Life is fast and takes some wild turns. Since the last post, maybe over a year ago, a lot has changed. I started out in this job with a mission to really learn the side of the business I jumped into. There is such a huge difference from being the guy that places an order to being the one that takes an order. Over a year has passed and I’m still learning everyday. Luckily I get to work with some people that have been doing this for 15 years and I try to never take their advice for granted.

My main interest still lies with wine. It’s been very eye opening to see how the other side works. There is so much more that goes into every aspect of getting a wine on a restaurant’s by the glass list or planning a wine tasting to try to help get a wine you believe in into someone’s glass.

I’m glad to see that my interest in cocktails is still intact and that my curiosity keeps pushing me to try something different, old, or new. Not only that but getting to influence and help restaurants with their cocktail list is a dream. I still get excited when someone decides to use one of my cocktails as a part of their cocktail program.

I’m going to try update as much as I can on as many topics as I can wrap my head around. Stay tuned.